As a lifelong entrepreneur, Gordon laughingly admits, he’s eaten so much “humble pie” he’s “developed a taste for it.” Along the way, he’s also managed to build and develop several world class businesses and is honored to have made friends and associates from many countries.

Gordon is the founder of One88 Media, a visual production company, dedicated to producing independent motion pictures, and innovative television content.


Born in Canada to a Canadian-Italian family, Gordon is a dual citizen of both Canada and the United States. Raised in rural Ontario, he developed a passion for the great outdoors and a tenacious desire to see the world.

“My hometown had a feed store, a hockey arena and one traffic light,” Gordon explains. “I loved it, but as I completed High School I developed a bad case of wanderlust.”

Gordon's mother, Gabriella Stefanini, immigrated from Italy at the age of 20. She married an aspiring artist and car parts manager named Gordon George Morton and together they raised five children with a strong spirit of independence, and a love for healthy living.

Gordon loving describes his parents as entrepreneurial “herbal gerbils” with an incredible passion for life. His family home was a place of love, laughter, music and Italian cooking.

Surrounded by forests and farms, Gordon enjoyed canoeing and baseball in the summer, and skiing and hockey in the winter. Endless hours of hockey on the family pond left a lasting impression. Gordon recalls: “I think our pond was 90% water and 10% manure and cattails, so getting a ’soaker’ was something you really learned to avoid.”

Gordon paid his way through university working in the restaurant industry and still marvels at the artistry of a well-run restaurant.


An avid skier and recovering businessman, Gordon enjoys traveling, playing guitar and spending time in the outdoors with his wife and three children.

He is proud to sit on the board of directors for the You Deserve It Foundaton. The Foundation aims to improve the lives of women in need of a helping hand by providing temporary relief in the form of pampering.

Even after so many planes, trains and automobiles, Gordon still gets excited about finding astonishing gems off the beaten path.
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